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Would You Pay $55,000 For The Olsen Twins' Backpack?

crystaldots Dec 29, 2012

We may now know why the Olsen Twins have a combined net worth at $100 million since they're charging $55,000 for backpacks! Made out of crocodile skin and yes, those are prescription pillembellishments attached, this backpack will certainly cause some faints at a cost like this. 

Designed by the Brit artist, Damien Hirst, this work of art is one of the 12 backpacks that are being sold for such a hefty price. On top of being a 'limited edition,' a portion of your purchase will be donated to UNICEF. We don't know how much will be donated, but even if it's just 1%, that's still a generous amount.

Who do you think will buy this backpack? We're betting on Lady Gaga, although she will need to use that money to pay some fines.

Whoa! Lady Gaga Is Now Sporting Dreadlocks

crystaldots Nov 22, 2012

Is Lady Gaga prepping up for some Rasta Thanksgiving fun? Or, is she just adding some fun to her recently added tattoo? We're not sure, but we're actually quite digging the dreadlocks she's sportin' on her Instagram and Twitter!

The "Born This Way" singer looks pretty fierce in those berry lips, thick eyebrows, and added dreadlocks. Wonder if this is going to be a hairtrend that others would start to follow (hinting at Nicki Minaj at this moment). 

Do you think Lady Gaga should keep the look, or ditch it?

Carly Rae Jepsen Is The New Face Of Wet Seal!

crystaldots Sep 14, 2012

Quitting her day job? We highly doubt it, but look out for Carly Rae Jepsen at your nearest Wet Seal store! Now as the spokesperson for the brightly colored clothing company, this 26-year-old "Call Me Maybe" singer is adding modeling to her resume! Although no longer in her teens, Carly is definitely fresh-faced and youthful looking compared to many of her 26-year-old counterparts.

What does Carly have to say about the partnership?

"I loved going through and selecting the different looks for the shoot from the upcoming styles," she said. "Each outfit reflects a part of my personality, which made the experience lots of fun.” 

Which look was your favorite? Ours were the floral leggings with the faux leather jacket. SO EDGY!

NYFW: Google Smartphone Eyeglasses...Chic Or Too Geek?

crystaldots Sep 13, 2012

Now that New York Fashion has come to halt, *tear*, let's recap some of the silliest (and expensive) fashion items you can buy very soon! Earlier this week, models roamed the Spring/Summer 2013 Diane Von Furstenberg show in some modest, colorful clothing but with a very hi-tech accessory. It's unlike DVF to do anything out of its wrap/print realm, so it's definitely eye-catching (no pun intended here). 

Thanks to Google, yes the company that has dominated all internet browsers is the inventor of this eye piece. Dubbed the name, "Google Glass," this eyewear enables the wearer to look through what would be a smartphone. Think of it like an upgraded version of bluetooth, except it's for your eye instead of ear! It even caught Sarah Jessica Parker's attention. 

But, wait a minute, as hi-tech as it is, you'll have to shell out $1,500 for a piece like this! Release date would be early 2013. 

What do you say, would YOU consider buying this 'smartphone for your eye?'

Emma Stone Lands Another 'Vogue' Cover!

crystaldots Jul 06, 2012

Emma Stone, you're on a roll. Not only are you in one of the hottest movies of the summer, you're also on practically EVERY magazine in newstands now, from Teen Vogue to Vogue, and now the British edition of Vogue! But, all that fame hasn't gotten to her head though.

In August's Vogue UK, the 23-year-old actress still doesn't think she will get so famous that she can't walk around her neighborhood in New York. Well, it's hard to say when you're also dating a Brit hunk like Andrew Garfield there. 

Back to the cover, Emma looks comfortable in her boyish realm as she's sporting a newsboy cap and a MaxMara sweater. While I opt for her more glamorous side, Emma still can pull off a tomboy look, don't you think?

Which is her BEST magazine cover to date? Is it this one, you say?

Will You Watch? Katie Holmes Will Present At NYFW!

crystaldots Jul 05, 2012

Despite of her high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise, we're pretty sure Katie Holmes wouldn't mind all eyes on her latest fashion project. The 33-year-old actress has been collaborating with designer, Jeanne Yang (who is also her stylist) who have been creating looks perfect for soccer moms and the like.

Though they've been in the industry for a while, it will be Katie's first time to show at New York Fashion Week later this year! What can we expect in the line? Well, we're pretty sure it'll be filled with many Katie-esque looks, such as peplums, polished dresses, and lady-like trousers. 

Although Katie may have not worked out with Tom, her fashion line debut might just work on the runway. 

Are you excited that Katie Holmes is presenting at NYFW?

You Can Get Carly Rae Jepsen's MuchMusic Awards Dress (It's Only $96!)

crystaldots Jun 21, 2012

While it seems that most of y'all were on the fence of Carly Rae Jepsen's other MuchMusic Awards Cleopatra-inspired outfit, we're pretty sure you'll heart this one. Ditching the sultry dress, she opted for a sweet looking hearts dress during her performance at the awards show! And what's even sweeter is that you, too, can get this same dress! 

Of course, when it comes to celebrity dresses, $96 is fairly priced, and this Heart Mesh Flippy Dress can be purchased at Topshop! Cinched at the waistline and filled with mesh and hearts, who wouldn't 'heart' Carly's dress choice? 

What do ya say, will we be seeing you frolicking in that same Topshop dress soon?

Will You Buy This $13,000 Face Cream? Amanda Seyfried Might!

crystaldots Jun 20, 2012

As if $5k gold manicures aren't bad enough, but this extremely pricey face cream can be yours - if you have $13,000! With that kind of money, you can purchase a brand new car, lots of cool sneaks, and oh so much more! 

But there's a catch! Even if you did have $13,000 to spend on this limited edition La Crème (why does everything that start with 'la' in it sound so fancy?), only three jars will be produced, thanks to its makers, Shisheido. 

Of course, this whole event is to celebrate Shisheido's 30th anniversary of the Cle de Peau Beaute line and they even hired Amanda Seyfried as their beautiful spokesperson.

So, why does this La Crème cost so much? Here's the breakdown according to the product description: 

  • The jar, NOT the cream, has 30 layers of crystals and is handmade in France. All three jars will have platinum rings - yowza!
  • The 50-gram cream will bring "age-defying benefits...for flawless, radiant, more youthful skin overnight." (It's not even 1 oz!)

Not only am I not buying this cream, I'm also not buying the fact that this cream will make your skin youthful looking overnight! I'll stick to my Burt's Bees, thank you!

But if you do have $13K to spend, you gotta wait till August 30th to do so! 

Do you think people will actually buy this face cream? Thoughts?

Lady Gaga Suffers Concussion In Concert!

crystaldots Jun 11, 2012

Poor Lady Gaga! During her the song performance, "Judas," this past Sunday in Auckland, New Zealand for her "Born This Way" tour, Lady Gaga was accidently hit on the head with a metal pole by her dancer.

While getting off the stage, one of the dancers was moving a metal pole out of the way, but somehow it landed straight on the 25-year-old singer's head. 

Even though she shouted to her Little Monsters, "I want to apologize; I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion but don't you worry, I will finish the show," she continued the show and went on to perform 16 more songs. 

It turns out that during those 16 more songs, the Mother Monster DID have a concussion the whole time, as seen in a later tweet by her makeup artist: 

Poor girl, we wish her well! To see how Lady Gaga's head got hurt, you can see the viral Youtube video below: 

Let's all wish Lady Gaga a good recovery! 

Chris Hemsworth Welcomes New 'Avengers' Baby Girl!

crystaldots May 12, 2012

Congrats to Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, for welcoming a little Avengers of their own, India Rose, yesterday! It couldn't have been great timing since the 28-year-old actor now has a new baby and is in the highest grossing weekend box office movie ever. 

We can't wait to see pictures of this little bundle of joy. Given the parents' good looks and star talent, we're sure that this Avengers baby will grow up into a wonderful lady! Not to mention having a great looking uncle, too has its perks, too.

Are we excited that Chris Hemsworth is now offically a daddy?

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