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Betsey Johnson Realty Show: Will You Be Watching?

crystaldots Apr 21, 2012

We're sure Betsey Johnson is doing cartwheels somewhere in celebration of her upcoming fashion reality show (if I could do one, I would, too)! The bubbly fashion designer, known for her outlandish and sparkly designs, will be having her own fashion reality show on the Style Network later this year.

Titled as "Betsey + Lulu," the reality show will follow Betsey and her daughter, Lulu, on their daily lives in Manhatten. In addition, Lulu will be getting some free publicity as we'll be seeing her try to get out of Mama Pink's shadow by wanting to launch her own fashion label

Well, best of luck to both Betsey and Lulu, and we can't wait to see the dynamic duo in action!

Is it a good idea for Betsey Johnson to have a reality show? What other designers would you like to see get their own show?

You Can Now Buy 'The Hunger Games' Barbie!

crystaldots Apr 11, 2012

Listen up, Hunger Games fans, you can now purchase your very own Katniss Everdeen Barbie doll! Equipped with weapons, a thick side-braid, and a makeup-fresh face, the Katniss Everdeen doll definitely looks pretty darn close to the real character from the movie.

According to the doll's designer, Bill Greening, he finely examined the actual costume from the movie in order to replicate the design for the Katniss Barbie's clothing. Also, rather than targeting kids, this killer Barbie doll (no pun intended) is actually intended for the "adult collector." Hm, where does the G.I. Joe action figure stand then?

The doll doesn't come out in stores till August, but you can purchase them online through for a measily $30. Oh, and if you're not a doll fan and you have $300 to shell out, then you can buy the official Katniss Everdeen boots that she wore in the movie instead!

Will you be adding the Katniss Barbie to your doll collection? 

NARS Cosmetics To Release An Andy Warhol Collection!

crystaldots Mar 21, 2012

Calling all art-loving-make-uppers (yes, we just made that up), this is the ultimate collaboration you've probably been waiting for: the NARS Andy Warhol Collection! We're sure Youtube makeup guru Michelle Phan is super excited over this, and if contemporary artist Andy Warhol was still alive today, we just know he'd be amped about this as well.

In hopes of creating "the cool, image-rich, character-laden world of Warhol," we're pretty sure the NARS color palette is going to be bold, bright, and fun - just like Andy Warhol himself. No word on what the colors will be, but we're hoping they will include this pretty shade of lavender for the eyeshadows, as seen on Warhol's painting of Mao: 

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait till October to get our hands on this fun collection. For you international folks, it'll be in November. 

What colors are you excited to see in the collection?

Nicki Minaj Rocks Lady Gaga-esque Wig for Complex Magazine

crystaldots Mar 20, 2012

For its 10th anniversary issue, Complex magazine decided to feature Nicki Minaj as its cover girl. Donning what looks like a Lady Gaga-esque wig (circa "The Fame Monster" days) and a zigzag patterned tongue, the 29-year-old reflects back her glorious moments in the entertainment industry, personal accomplishments, and goals with the mag. 

Despite her many successes, Nicki Minaj reveals that she never really lives in the moment by saying, "I happen to be a pessimist... Always on to the next and never in the moment." Hard to believe for this "Moment 4 Life" singer. 

Although her ultimate goal is to become a "stand-alone artist," the hip-hop singer hopes to sell 5 million copies of her upcoming sophomore album, "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" and tour internationally. You can support her by buying her album which releases on April 3rd, the day before the April issue of Complex magazine hits newsstands. 

What do we think of Nicki Minaj's Complex cover? Not complex enough?

Get Fun And Flirty With Betsey Johnson's OPI Nail Polish Collection!

crystaldots Mar 20, 2012

Exclusively sold at Sephora, the quirky clothing designer, Betsey Johnson, teamed up with Sephora by OPI to produce a nail polish collection that will surely brighten up your days. Filled with Betsey's signature bold colors, this six-bottle set is only here for a limited time. 

Not only are the popping colors great for the upcoming spring season, you can also purchase a single bottle (retailing $9.50) that smells like her fruity Too Too Fragrance! Yup, a two-in-one deal that'll just dress up those naked nails in no time. 

You can now buy the whole collection for $24.50 online or in stores! But, hurry because they're only here for a limited time. Also, for those who aren't into using brushes, Besey Johnson also released those self-adhesive nail strips, featuring her signature prints!

Do we like Betsey Johnson's flirty and colorful nail polish collection? Or, should she just stick with designing clothes only?

Whoa, Jennifer Lawrence's Brown Hair In 'The Hunger Games' Cost $30,000!

crystaldots Mar 20, 2012

If you thought Rihanna's pricey nails were ridiculous, think again. In order for Jennifer Lawrence to play accurately for the role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, her blonde locks needed to go. But, it seems that the brunette transformation wasn't as effortless as one would think. In fact, it took a whopping $30,000 for hairstylist, Linda Flowers, to nail the perfect hair for the 21-year-old starlet! Yowza, that's one expensive head of hair! 

Turns out it was all worth it for Jennifer since she didn't like the idea of experimenting with her blonde hair. "I rented 30,000 dollars of hair, which is, I rented five $6,000 lace wigs all different shades of brown...So it made Jennifer comfortable to know that we weren't gonna experiment with her color," said Linda Flowers.

To see how Jennifer's hair really turned out, you can check The Hunger Games which comes out this Friday, March 23rd! In the meantime, you can watch the interview with Linda Flowers to see just how Jennifer Lawrence got that swingin' braid.

Was it worth the $30K for Jennifer Lawrence to get those brunette locks?

Rihanna's Launching Her Own Clothing Line! Will You Guys Buy?

crystaldots Mar 16, 2012

Rihanna is on a roll! Not only is she making a lot of buzz by collaborating with her old flame in the 'Birthday Cake' remix and starring in the upcoming movie, Battleship, she's going to be launching her own fashion clothing line. 

The 24-year-old actually designed before - back in fall of 2011 for the Italian fashion house, Armani (yes, she's also the spokesperson for the label)! But, now she's venturing to her own line, and this time she claims that she wants to "design [and work] with designers that [she] respects." Hm, will she be contacting Kanye West anytime soon to co-design with? 

Let's also hope it won't feature sheer shirts like the top she wore earlier this week. Please, no! No word on when the clothing line will launch, but we're super excited for our RiRi!

Do you think RiRi has a chance at making good clothes? Will you buy 'em?

Did Snooki Steal Alexander McQueen's Design?

crystaldots Mar 15, 2012

Oh, Snooks, we never thought we'd ever put your name alongside the great Alexander McQueen, but guess there's always a first in everything. Apparently, the preggers Snooki recently launched handbag line (um, when did this happen again?) and one of them looks awfully familiar to the popular McQueen knucklebox clutch! 

For the 'knockoff' version, you'll only have to pay $49.99 instead of thousands for the real thing. For one, we're shocked that the petite reality star even opened up shop, and now, we're hearing that she may have stolen McQueen's design?

Well, we're pretty sure she'll be literally using her own kunckle-clutch to throw some punches soon since she's always in some kind of drama over at the Jersey Shore. Or, fist pumping with this bag might be even entertaining.

So, did Snooki steal McQueen's style, or was she just 'inspired?'

Madonna Launches New Shoe Line...Will You Be Wearing It?

crystaldots Mar 13, 2012

Move over, Lourdes, big mama is going to show off her designing skills - and this time, with shoes. Madonna is collaborating with popular shoe chain store ALDO to produce 60 pairs of edgy, rockable shoes to add onto her 'Truth or Dare' collection.

We don't really know where Madonna got her inspiration from, but from what we're seeing, it seems that the collection resembles the embellished gold getup she wore at the Super Bowl halftime show earlier this year.

From python-print to towering stiletto ankle boots, this collection will cost you $89 to $349 - not bad for owning a piece of Madge, don't you think? The shoe collection will launch later this summer, so make sure to save your money for all 60 pairs! 

Do we like Madge's shoe collection, or could she do better? 

Gasp! Nicki Minaj Actually Looks Normal In 'PAPER Magazine'

crystaldots Mar 07, 2012

Oh, Nicki Minaj, she's anything but ordinary, and when it comes to her fashion sense, oh, you better bet it's going to be outrageously fabulous. After her blue-skinned photoshoot with Vogue, Nicki Minaj looks a bit more normal (since she's in her regular skin-tone and actually wearing wearable clothes) in the latest Spring 2012 issue of PAPER Magazine

Donning a bright, candied colored Marilyn Monroe-esque wig and matching poppin' attire, the 29-year-old looks fresh and vibrant in the photoshoot, shot by NYC-based photographer, Howard Huang. Accompanied by an enjoyable, down-to-earth interview, Nicki reveals that she loves watching reality tv, especially Mob Wives (who doesn't?) and was super excited to be sitting next to the Anna Wintour during Fashion Week. 

Oh, Nicki, PAPER Magazine definitely captured your luminous and fun side in this issue. You can read the rest of the interview here

What do you think of Nicki Minaj's 'everyday' look? Should she keep it or ditch it for good?

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